‘Wonder Woman 2’, Gal Gadot Workout Six Hours a Day

Fiantynick – Totality of Gal Gadot in character of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman is no doubt. After her first solo movie, “Wonder Woman” was a success, and the rating was pretty good, the Israeli actress will return to play the character in her sequel, “Wonder Woman 2”.

“Wonder Woman 2” Started production period in Virginia, USA. Gal Gadot strives hard to train his physical. Mother of two children is even doing an all-out workout to form her body. in Instagram Story feature, Gal Gadot shares moments prepares and sports fitness for the movie “Wonder Woman 2”.

In Instastory, Actriss Israel seen in the gym. Her also shared a photo with his personal trainer, Magnus Lygdback.

When starring first film, this 33-year-old woman had complained and said that training to portray the character Wonder Woman is quite heavy. In fact, according to her, the workout done for the DCEU film is heavier than military training. Gal Gadot also said that he had to work hard for the Wonder Woman costume her would wear on body.

“I have to train for six months before the shooting and filming sessions, in a day I have to practice for six hours, two hours going the gym, two hours for battle choreography, and two hours to ride a horse,” said Gal Gadot told Comicbook on Thursday (7/6).

On other side, Gal Gadot himself carried a heavy burden as the main character “Wonder Woman 2”. Because the film tells the figure of an Amazon woman is able to give a change in the DCEU. As is known, the last few years a number of DCEU films are considered to be failing in the market, except “Wonder Woman”.

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While “Wonder Woman 2” set place in 1984. The film will tell Diana Prince against Soviet troops during the Cold War.

In addition to Gal Gadot, film WW2 will also feature acting skills from Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Lynda Carter. Back directed by Patty Jenkins, the sequel “Wonder Woman” Scheduled  released on 1 November 2019.