Helena Bonham Carter as “Villain” in Movie James Bond 25

Production “James Bond 25” will begin in December this year. As scheduled, the series “James Bond” will air on November 8, 2019. Less than a few months before the start production process, the producers “Bond 25” were negotiation to determine some of the actors and actresses who will support Daniel Craig as the lead actor.

The name of actress Helena Bonham Carter Santer is rumored to be coupled with Daniel as one of the important character in “Bond 25”. Reportedly, 52-year-old actress is going to act as a villain figure in this movie.

Still rumor, but Helena managed to steal the attention and has been mentioned have kicked Angelina Jolie as another strong candidate. Reportedly, the two actresses are deliberately considered to play the role as villain, not the character of women teaser James Bond as usual.

“Everyone thinks Angelina Jolie will get this part but the producers want her more and they’re finishing the casting process,” said a source quoted by Express.co.uk on Thursday (7/6).

Actually, the news of Helena’s election to character in “Bond 25” itself is quite surprising. Reason, previously director Danny Boyle also briefly mentioned that he was interested to invite Angelina to join in this his movie.

“I’ve heard that Danny Boyle has committed to the ongoing script and casting, and Has been written and he’s eyeing Angelina Jolie,” said another source.

Angelina is also known to be familiar with character Daniel Craig. Previously, ex wife of Brad Pitt is known to have acted with Daniel in the movie “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” in 2001 ago.

Previously Danny himself had mentioned that the production team is in the process of completing the script. In fact he went straight down to help John Hodge in the cultivation scenario. Danny and John themselves have been involved in six similar projects, among them are “Shallow Grave”, “Trainspotting”, “A Life Less ordinary” and “T2 Trainspotting”.

While, “Bond 25” Final film for Daniel as secret agent 007. However, the film is mentioned will present a more epic storyline of the four previous series.

Because the producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli even took Danny classmate for this movie Danny’s own presence is expected to be a fresh breeze because Franchise “Bond” is in desperate need of a new touch more interesting.