Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Meeting First Time in History

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived at Capella Hotel, Sentosa Island. Both will make history on Tuesday (12/06/2018), because this meeting is the first time for US and North Korean leaders to meet face-to-face, shake hands, and negotiating an end to nuclear weapons.

Trump leaves his inn at 08.00 Singapore time to Hotel Capella with a journey of about 20 minutes. The second meeting will begin at 09.00 local time, or at 08.00 am.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Meeting For the First Time in History

Trump and Kim stay at different hotels. If Kim Jong Un stay at Hotel St Regis, then Trump stay Shangri-La Hotel.

The hotel is a five star international chain hotel in Singapore. Trump and Kim are scheduled to have lunch together. Then, at 4:00 pm local time, the number one person in the United States will do a press conference.

“We’ll soon find out whether to agree or not,” Trump chirps.

The Straits Times proclaimed about 10 US cameramen and five cameramen from North Korea, along with five journalists from Singapore awaiting the appearance of Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Singapore government poured the cost of about 20 million Singapore dollars or about Rp 209 billion to hold a historic meeting between the US and North Korea.

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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said half of the funds were spent on security costs. According to Lee, security does not only involve the police around the meeting location, but also to secure the sea, air, and land areas.

“So this is a very big operation, because this time the meeting is high profile and we can not make mistakes,” he said.

Singapore is one of the few countries in the world that has diplomatic relations between the US and North Korea. In a few minutes, the historic meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un is about to take place.

Handshake Historic 10 Seconds Between Trump and Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Meeting For the First Time in History

The historic handshake takes about 10 seconds. Smiles graced the faces of the two leaders of the country. Next, Trump and Kim walked down the hotel corridor and took a moment to speak.

Before shaking hands, Trump and Kim each walked from different sides of the corridor toward the point they stood to appear together in front of the media.

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Then, they walked side by side to the hotel room. Kim walked to the right of Trump. Up in front of the room, Trump invites Kim Jong Un to enter.

The two leaders sat side by side only separated by a table decorated with flowers. Trump sits on the left, while Kim sits on the right. Trump and Kim took the time to greet journalists. Each answered a question posed by reporters.

“The old prejudices and practices are an obstacle in our journey, but we have overcome everything and we are here today,” Kim said.

Upon hearing the reply translated by the translator, Trump again shook Kim’s hand.

Now, both are holding a historic bilateral meeting. Trump and Kim were offered face-to-face meetings with the accompaniment of a translator.

This meeting is the first time for US and North Korean leaders to meet face to face. The US wants North Korea to surrender its nuclear weapons in full, verified, and can no longer be returned.