Insomnia? Try to Overcome This Simple Step

It must be annoying when we’re lying in bed, but eyes are not closed, right?

The average man takes seven hours to sleep each night. However, sleep quality is the most important thing than quantity. As it gets dark, the body releases the sleep hormone melatonin to induce drowsiness.

The first four hours during sleep, the brain will perform recovery with the help of growth hormone BDNF and other hormones.
BDNF is short for Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which is a neutotrophic factor derived from the brain

how to overcome insomnia

And, as the brain recovers, the brain stores memory and the body secretes the stored poison. Meanwhile, the hormone melatonin serves to free the cells from aggressive oxygen radicals. This is useful for preventing the body from entering the deep sleep phase which can cause serious damage.

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In the second part of sleep-dream phase-our brain processes the day. The form of connection between nerve cells and brain undergo regeneration.So, what can we do for a good night’s sleep?

Having a regular sleep pattern is very important for our health. If we can not get enough sleep during the workweek, try to ‘redeem’ this poor sleep over the weekend. In addition, we can also sleep during the day for 20 minutes when working at night.

For the sake of a good night’s sleep, we also have to set the optimal room temperature at temperatures 17-22 degrees Celsius.

Avoid also excessive alcohol consumption because it can inhibit the release of BDNF hormone, which can inhibit brain recovery process.

The next way is to reduce excessive protein consumption before bed. reduce coffee consumption late at night should also be done for good sleep quality. Also, avoid working too long with computers or watching television for too long. Light from electronics can inhibit melatonin release.

However, the most important thing is we have to sleep with a happy mind.

Good luck