Gorky Park, Moscow City icon, Song Inspiration “Winds Of Change”

Gorky Park may be one of the icons of the city of Moscow with the profound connotation for the Soviet Union’s transition to the Federation of Russia. The Park became famous band legendary epoch of origin Germany, Scorpions, writes songs with lyrics Gorky Park in it.

“I follow the Moscow/Down to Gorky Park” as the lyrics of the piece is the first line of the song phenomenal, Winds of Change, the property of Scorpions.

As a child of the 1990s who fell in love with the melody of this song since I was in elementary school, Fiantynick.com decided to visit Gorky Park earlier this week.

Gorky Park has an area of 120 acres and is located on the banks of the Moscow River.

According to the Rolling Stones, Scorpions got the inspiration of the song Winds of Change after seeing the great changes that took place in Leningrad in 1988 and 1989 in Moscow.

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The changes came along with the widespread movement of Glasnot (openness) and Perestroika (reform of the policy of the Government of the Soviet Union that led to the disclosure).

The song’s iconic line recently appeared when Doc McGhee, the former manager of the Scorpions, which invites its members to climb the boat and along the river Moscow.

Klaus Meine, vocalist of the Scorpions, said that these journeys be “moments of inspiration “.

“Like the whole world was on a boat and talking the same language: music, ” says Klaus Meine.

Fiantynick.com also new to understand the meaning of the song while in Moscow.

Sentence “I follow the Moscow’s” refers to the Moscow River that flows in the heart of the capital of Russia was heading to the Park Gorky, on the banks of the South River.

At that time, the Park’s main attractions is the Gorky in Moscow. More or less it means like, “down the river Ciliwung “. Gorky Park was not disappointing.

We arrived at the Park Kultury Metro station which is located on the north side of the river Moscow so it must cross the bridge to reach the Park. This adds a large correlation with the Moscow River which divides the heart of the capital.

The area is full of locals who do a variety of activities, ranging from cycling, carrying a dog walks, play volleyball, or simply studying and sunbathing in the garden.

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Of course, fans of the participants of the World Cup 2018 also look passed thatch in that Park supporters, ranging from Argentina to Poland.

Some of them look play volleyball, photograph, and biking together locals.

A cheerful face plastered on their faces from accompanied by summer sunshine that feels warm on the skin.

The sights that we saw on that day into the symbolism of the policy of openness of this wonderful country that echoed President Mikhail Gorbachev in the late 1980s.

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