The National Travel Health Network and Centre Travelers Should Know About

British travelers should know about National Travel Health Network and Centre. “We have health professionals and travel medicine with high standards,” said its representative.

The National Travel Health Network and Centre was found in 2002 with its goal of protecting British travelers going abroad by providing information for travelers regarding health professionals and information on the country they visit. They will inform if there are disease outbreaks and other information regarding health. It keeps improving. Its improvement includes travel health advice and healthcare providers.

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Some of their main goals are to guide health professionals on travel health of how to advise people, to advise of what to do on specific situations may affect British people’s health, to train health care professionals of how to provide advice and services with evidence and best quality, to work with organizations, insurance companies, government, etc.

National Travel Health Network and Centre

For healthcare professionals, the representative clearly said that, “There are three kinds information that healthcare professionals can get, such as Travel Health Pro, Yellow Fever Zone, and Health Professional Telephone Advice Line.” The travel health pro is the info regarding infectious and non infectious diseases in the country travelers visit, vaccinations, what to do in the country having diseases outbreak, malaria prevention, etc.

The yellow Fever Zone is the info about administrative and clinical resources for professionals and staff managing in healthcare center of Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. The last one is about how professionals advise travelers with information on specialist and itineraries. This includes contact numbers, opening hours, travel nurses, etc.

To make you as travelers more confident, here are the health tips before traveling abroad for a long time. At least six weeks before leaving, make sure you have travel vaccination. If the destination has health risks like malaria, you should have treatment right away. Always have sunscreen which has at least SPF 15 to protect you from UVB and at least four-star UVA protections, antiseptic, and painkillers in your travel health kit.

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Traveling is a nice thing to do. You surely will do it regularly. However, you should know what to do about your health if you travel abroad for a long time. Make sure you really take care of your health there. It is such a terrible thing to have if you are the one to spread a disease to your country.

If you are professional wanting to work abroad helping your country’s travelers abroad, make sure you have everything required. Make yourself so professional in doing your job. Don’t forget about national travel health network and center that can help guide you.