Prepare Yourself for the New Movies on Showtime to Spend Holiday

In July 2018, there will be new movies on Showtime. Movie lovers loving to spend time watching at home will be like in paradise.

The first film is Sorry to Bother You. This is a fantasy comedy film about a telemarketer getting rich. Watching this film with your loved ones will be entertaining. Put it on your list. The second one is Don’t Worry, He won’t Get Far on Foot.

New Movies On Showtime

This is about a life-changing experience of the cartoonist named John Callahan. Next is Eight Grade. This is the film that you cannot miss. The film is about Kayla a shy and awkward teenager. Definitely you will love the star Elsie Fisher. Puzzle is not only a game for elderly people, but this is also a title of an interesting movie. In this film, a woman whose life is full of boredom named Agnes becomes the world Jigsaw Puzzling discoverer.

More interesting films will come like What Will People Say? This is the film about Pakistani people that is worth watching. A Pakistani young woman living in Norway with her father who’s worried about her adopting western life style was sent back to her father’s homeland by ship. The film is full of surprises and inspiring. Still about drama film, Generation Wealth is the film that reminds us about the obsession of money leading to greed.

Next is Unfriended: Dark Web 

New Movies On Showtime  

This is a film about a chat in an online group leading to murders. Enough with the horror movie, we can watch Hot Summer Nights. This is the film about a love affair in hot summer. No doubt, you will be happy to see Timothee Chalemet again who plays here with Maika Monroe.

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You’ll surely still be excited to see what’s next. Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood is the next film you should watch. This is a documentary film actually, but undoubtedly will gain your knowledge. Scotty in this film is said to have an affair with old Hollywood stars, like Cary Grant and Kathryn Hepburn. The makers of this film must be very creative to select people playing famous Hollywood stars.

Only some of the July films are shared here, there are still more and more films to watch to spend your holiday in July. Are you ready? Prepare yourself first. Make sure you have paid for the subscription. New movies on Showtime are waiting for you.