Travel and Health Insurance for Australia Visitors

Travel and health insurance for Australia visitors will give you option for traveling with no worry about health and other unexpected event during your vacation. There is an option named Overseas Visitors Cover that will be really nice for an overseas traveler.

travel and health insurance for Australia

About Overseas Visitors Cover

The policy is generally designed for travelers who come to Aussie for vacation or business who forgot to purchase a policy before left the home country. There are several things you need to know and remember before buying this policy. So, the term of travel and health insurance for Australia visitors includes:

  • The policy will cover your flight to Australia when you are in this country but it will be stop right after you reach the immigration to return to your home country.
  • Age rules may apply.
  • The trip should be majorly in Australia so the cover may be qualified.
  • Medical claims need a waiting period.
  • Specific time frame is needed to buy the policy.
  • Medicare may not be eligible for some provider in Australia.
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Where to buy

  • 1 Cover from Lloyd offers travel insurance visitors to Australia. It is available for people under 74 and must be purchased within 14 days after you arrive in Australia. Medicare owner is not eligible. Medical claims need 7 days of waiting.
  • Travel Insurance Saver from QBE Insurance Limited offers policy for people under 81 who travel to Australia for temporary.
  • Aussie Travel Cover from Allianz offers Plan E for non-residents. It is designed for people under 85 but Medicare owner is not eligible. Waiting time for medical claims is 28 hours.
  • Cover-More from Zurich offers Visitor Inbound Plan for people under 69. The traveler should return to home country to complete the Period Insurance within 18 months.
  • Easy Travel Insurance from QBE also offers Inbound Travel Plan for people under 81. The policy will be issued more than one week after you arrive in Australia. The medical claims need 28 days of waiting period.

And there are many others.

What is included?

Mostly, it covers medical expenses, luggage and personal belongings, hospital cash allowances, rental excess, cancellation fees along with lost deposits, and personal liability. But there will be exclusion related to pre-existing medical condition along with cover for cancellation. So, you really need to read the statement of disclosure before you finally purchase the product. The policy of travel and health insurance for Australia will make you worry-less about any expense related to your health and travel convenience.