Travel Vaccinations by Country and What to Expect

Travel vaccinations by country may be varied according to things that harm you in that country. Other than that, vaccines are highly important because the traveling abroad may open many possibilities to get exposed by diseases that you never imagine before. Most of U.S. and Europe citizens need to take vaccines before depart to countries in Asia.

Some vaccinations need to be taken eight weeks before you go on trip. You can book an appointment with your doctor or clinic in advance. Make sure you have the right vaccinations and get your health advice because different climate makes different possibility of disease.

Travel Vaccinations by Country


Surely Indonesia offers a lot of goodness and is one of most interesting places to visit in the world. But this is also a location with high risk for people from other countries. So, before you visit this beautiful country, you may need to take some vaccines include influenza, Hepatitis A and B, and also typhoid shot. Certain travelers may also need to take rabies, cholera, and Japanese encephalitis shot.


According travel vaccinations by country, Thailand has similarity with Indonesia. The vaccinations are such as typhoid, influenza, and Hepatitis both A and B. However, this country has lower risk than the previous country. Still, you need to take some precautions and your insurance provider will help you to know.

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It is true if India is a country with high risk of various diseases and you should be worrying about that before you go. Your doctor will suggest the right vaccinations according to the places you will visit. But the obligated shots are such as Japanese encephalitis and rabies.

Vietnam and Cambodia

The risk is at the medium basis. This is why you need to take shots like Hepatitis A and B along with influenza and typhoid.


Before you depart to China, it is important to take shots for several diseases like influenza and Hepatitis both A and B. Doctor will also recommend typhoid shot. You may also need to take other additional shots like cholera, tick-borne and Japanese encephalitis and rabies. The recommendation of shot will depend on the length of your trip in this country.


You may find that Fiji is pretty popular for tourist destination. This is why you need to take vaccinations before departing to that country especially if you plan to visit small villages. The shots include influenza and typhoid along with Hepatitis A and B for travel vaccinations by country.