Latest Movie on DVD That You Should Get and Why You Should Get It

If you see yourself as an avid movie watcher, you might want to get your hand on a latest movie on DVD or two.

Latest Movie on DVD That You Should Get and Why You Should Get It-min

Why should I get a movie on DVD?

Because by getting yourself a movie on DVD and a DVD player, you can easily replay the movie that you want to watch AND you get to have a physical copy of said movie. Not many understand the importance of having a physical DVD copy, but collectors will appreciate having one on their hands.

Why should I buy it if I can pirate it?

Now this kind of thinking right here creates a sort of problem for all of us. First, pirating something is an act of crime. While some countries do not see copyright piracy as a crime, countries who acknowledged the dedication of the intellectual property creation will try to protect them from act of piracy. You will get charged and you might need to pay a whole lot of money and live in a prison for a long time. No one likes to live in prisons, yes?

Second, while piracy will not affect the actual sales of the movie, it can have a significant effect on the economy. Then again, pirated movies are what hits the heart of the crowd in Asian markets, so this one is a bit of a grey place. It is still a crime though.

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Third, for pirates who are downloading their movies through the internet, there is a high chance that your computer (or any platforms you are using to download the movies) might get ruined by some naughty hackers. Your computers might contain valuable data, so opening your computer up to be seen by other people might not be a good idea. I myself would not want others to see my collection of memes because it will ruin my image severely.

Okay… What movie should I get then?

Movie recommendation is never my forte, but I will do my best. If you are someone who enjoy action thrillers with a hint of Asian diversity added on it, you might want to get your hand on The Foreigner, a movie by Martin Campbell. Campbell himself is a pretty popular director thanks to his stellar work on Casino Royale. The movie stars the lovable Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan in roles that might be a bit different than they are used to be. Overall, it is a great action thriller and it kind of show that other part of Jackie Chan that he rarely showed. Might be a bit of a late bloomer though, but a good movie nonetheless.

If you prefer something more mainstream, you should give Black Panther a buy. This should be a plus for those who prefer watching superhero movies because it tells about Marvel’s latest superhero of African descent. All in all, it is a good latest movie on DVD that you can watch while switching your brain off.