The Best Movie Theater in USA

In today’s edition of Movie Theater near me, I would like to talk about the best American movie theater to watch your beloved movies at.

Washington D.C’s very own AMC Loews Uptown

The Best Movie Theater in USA

If someone ever told me that you can watch a movie like a royalty while only paying a peasant’s fee, you sorely NEED to go to this place. AMC Loews Uptown is a movie theater unlike any other theaters out there in the world. It is even hailed as a movie palace and not a movie theater thanks to it only having a single screen to watch movies from.

“But having only a single screen might ruin the entire experience. It means that the owner of the theater cannot afford to have another studio.” If you think that way, you are a bit correct. The owner will probably never be able to afford another studio in the place. It is not because of a lack of money, however. It is more because of a lack of space. You see, while they only got a single screen to show their movies, the screen is basically a giant screen. The screen is so big that the studio got a balcony on its own. It is kind of like Broadway but with less drama in it.

ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood

The Best Movie Theater in USA

Hollywood is the place for actors and actresses to converge. This one particular cinema is a theater in which you can see big movie stars watching themselves. Yes, you are right, my friends. If you are rich enough, you can catch your favourite actors or actresses watching themselves on screen. The seats are bigger in here compared to other theaters’ seats and do not get me started on the snacks. If you see yourself as a gourmet snack muncher, prepare yourself for a delicious treat while watching your favourite movie.

Sundance Kabuki Cinemas of San Francisco

The Best Movie Theater in USA

If blockbusters are less of your thing and you prefer to watch indie movies, this movie theater in San Francisco might help you with your indie movie addiction. The movies being played here, of course, are all great movies that were played in the Sundance Film Festival. It does not mean you cannot watch blockbusters in here though. They are still played, but the indie movies are the main attraction of this particular movie theater.

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The snacks are all great as well. The third floor balcony bar serves many assortments of snacks and you can get your hands on Mediterranean delicacies such as hummus. Truly a movie theater that is worth a mention in this edition of Movie Theater near me.