Top Picks of Travel Health Insurance USA

Travel health insurance USA could be so many but we have several names that you can consider. Do not worry because we already make sure that these names have the A rating along with excellent customer service. So, here they are.

Travelex – Best for family traveler

Top Picks of Travel Health Insurance USA

Travelex is the top pick for families because there is option for a person under 18 for free. The Select Plan from Travelex includes USD 50K for medical cost and USD 500 for dental need, USD 500K for emergency evacuation, and also a nice perk if you purchase it during 21 days of your first trip deposit. Besides, it is a plan of primary coverage so the claim of travel health insurance USA is easy.

John Hancock – Best for solo traveler

Top Picks of Travel Health Insurance USA

Almost all plans of this insurance have zero deductible, varied coverage levels, and excellent customer service. However, kids are supposed to pay for the fee. This is why if you are a solo traveler then this insurance will be best for you. The customer service is like the best one. So, if you are in emergency then you know that good hands will handle you immediately.

The plan costs between USD 500 and USD 2,500. The service is worth the money you have paid.

IMG – Best for adventurer

Top Picks of Travel Health Insurance USA

IMG offers numerous options with excellent quality. If you love to travel and visit places that are hard to reach then you may want to increase your coverage in every possible level. IMG offers the customers for USD 500K for medical expenses and also USD 1 million for evacuation purposes. So, no matter if you are climbing Fujiyama or scuba diving at the Caribbean then you can rely on the amount of evacuation money.

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However, this plan is not designed for everybody. You have to pay a little bit more expensive than other insurance plan from IMG after all. But if you love adventure and the location you will visit has difficult access to hospital then this plan is suitable for you.

Allianz – Best for long trip

Top Picks of Travel Health Insurance USA

As we all know that Allianz is insurance business spread across the world. There is a plan named Classic Plan with Trip+ that will provide adequate medical insurance you will need along with one interesting thing. Allianz will insure your vacation up to one year in length. This is great because most insurance companies only cover it about three months. So, this is our picks for travel health insurance USA.