What is Global Health and Travel?

The world is filled with many different things, and global health and travel might be one of them. Pretty sure not many of you understand what does the term conveys.


What is Global Health and Travel?

This is my first time hearing about the term that you used

And I would not blame you for being a first time hearer of that term. Global health and travel is not something that need to know so that we can live life to the fullest. In fact, it is only better for us if we do not know or do not get involved with it. Why?

It is only because that global health and travel is closely related to medical tourism. Now you might wonder what the heck? Another new term for me to understand? What is medical tourism? How is it relevant to the topic that we are going to be talking about?

Medical tourism is tourism but a bit worse

Surely you must have known what tourism means. Medical tourism, however, might be a bit strange pill to swallow. Truth is, the two are almost the same. To put it simply, medical tourism is a part of tourism. While people might think that there is only one kind of tourism available (the leisure one), there are actually a whole lot of tourism types out there, and medical tourism is just one of them.

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Why is a bit worse? Because it is related with your health. Medical tourists (I do not know the availability of that term, but I am going to use it) tour other countries to find a better way to treat their diseases. You need get rid of a disease that is not curable in your country? Better be a medical tourist soon unless you want to stay sick.

The term is usually used in countries where the healthcare is not that good enough. Do you know which continent got the best communication technology but a very lacking healthcare? Asia is the continent that I am talking about, and hence why medical tourists usually hail from Asia.

So what is global health and travel?

Global health and travel is a sort of organization that helps medical tourists get connected. They facilitate medical tourists using their many connections and they offer services if ever medical tourists need help with something. It is a medical tourists source of information, and if any medical tourists need help to get connected with the best doctors that other countries help, global health and travel can help them with that.